Nadine Coban ~ Lead Teacher


After I finished my secondary school, I studied for three years in Switzerland and completing my Bachelor's degree in Pre-Primary Education.


I worked as a Kindergarten / Preschool Director in a School near Zurich (Switzerland), taught Kids between 4 and 7.


In addition to my work, I volunteered at the local Kids Sport Club.


My Husband and I married at the Beach of Sanibel Island in Florida.


We both love adventures, that's why we moved across the ocean and realized our big dream to live in the US.


Now we got the great opportunity to live in San Diego and  really appreciate being a part of the Rasselbande.


When I am not working, I love travelling, exploring, playing instruments, reading, spending time with animals, swimming and being with my husband & friends.“

Frieda Gould ~ Teacher

I grew up in a small town in the middle of Germany and before I moved to California I lived in Cologne, Germany. I studied Interior Architecture and I am an artist. In Germany I worked in an Architecture Gallery and every other month we hosted a workshop for children. During these workshops I would help the children draw and build models. The kids and the parents were very satisfied with my work. After this experience I realized how much I love working with children.


In the end of 2015 I moved to San Diego to marry my husband. He and I are working together at our own business.  We own a small store for art supplies, a contemporary art gallery and we offer several art and design services. When I came to San Diego, I was looking for another job besides our business where I could use my native language. I started to help out as a substitute at Die Rasselbande in 2016 and also started working as a babysitter and German tutor for several kids. I took Early Childhood Development classes to be able to work full time as a preschool teacher. I am now a mother of a two year old son who will attend die Rasselbande as well and I am looking forward to being back full time at Die Rasselbande.