Rosa Hinerasky-Bauer        
Lead Teacher & Assistant Director


I am originally from Hildesheim in Germany. In July of 1992 I graduated from a professional school called Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik with an Early Childhood education degree. I then worked in culturally sensitive educational capacities in Germany for over 14 years. My first year of work experience was in my hometown in a public preschool, which was followed by my time at a Catholic preschool where I worked for over nine years. When I moved to Wiesbaden in 2003 I worked at a Lutheran preschool for close to five years. In 2008, my husband Marcus and I moved to San Diego where my husband started his own IT business, and I began working for Die Rasselbande preschool soon after as the Cultural Educator. I am excited to be part of this preschool.

Allyson Kennett ~ Teacher

I am a ‘military brat’ and moved many times in my childhood. I spent my most formative years living in a small village near Stuttgart. When we first moved there I spoke no German, but decided to attend the local Realschule so I could learn in an immersive environment. One year I transferred to a Gymnasium. I maintained my German language skills through my close friendships with our neighbors in Germany, mother tongue classes at my International School in London, and then pursuing German as a minor in university.


I attended the University of San Diego and received a BA in English with minors in German and Psychology. After I finished that I missed Europe quite a bit and returned to London to earn my Master’s in English Literature. Ever since high school I have loved working with young children, whether it is tutoring them in German as a foreign language, leading a Daisy girl scout troop or working in elementary schools. For the last several years I have been an English professor here in San Diego, but I am so excited to return to my true passion – working with young children! My family and I have been a part of Die Rasselbande for a year now and I am looking forward to this community being an even bigger part of our lives!