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Rosa Hinerasky-Bauer      

Teacher & Assistant Director


I am originally from Hildesheim in Germany. In July of 1992 I graduated from a professional school called Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik with an Early Childhood education degree. I then worked in culturally sensitive educational capacities in Germany for over 14 years.


My first year of work experience was in my hometown in a public preschool, which was followed by my time at a Catholic preschool where I worked for over nine years. When I moved to Wiesbaden in 2003 I worked at a Lutheran preschool for close to five years.


In 2008, my husband Marcus and I moved to San Diego where my husband started his own IT business, and I began working for Die Rasselbande preschool soon after as the Cultural Educator. I am excited to be part of this preschool.

Tanja Skousen

I started my journey here at Rasselbande in spring 2015. I had entered the field of early child hood education many years ago when I started my studies at the “Fachhoschule fuer Sozialpadagogik” in Germany. I have since earned my Early Childhood Education Teacher Certificate from the UCLA and completed my Baccalaureate Degree in Human Development- Early Childhood Development and Education.

I moved to the US, specifically Tucson, AZ in 2003. Where I married and started my family. My Son, Husband and many four legged and feathered Friends moved to San Diego in 2010. Here the opportunity arose for me to stay home with our son and to round out my education. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family. I am also passionate about running on the beautiful trails that San Diego and the surrounding area have to offer.

The true joy of my work is the opportunity to guide children through their development and to create an environment in which their stage of development drives their learning.

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