Daily Rhythym 


According to a Rasselbande child, our days are filled with 'fun, friends, lunch and sand'.

We balance our time with both guided and freely chosen activities in large and small groups. We explore themes through lots of activities including: art, movement, science, and music; all immersed in the German language and sustained by a yummy snack and the choice of home-made lunch. 

Inside & Out



Each of our six groups has a beautiful room, providing a stimulating and nurturing environment with areas for creativity, quiet time, building, role play, and circle time. We are fortunate to have two playgrounds, a huge lawn area, and ample space for riding cars and bikes, as well as gardens.





We love to celebrate festivals together as a community.

Everything from Halloween and Thanksgiving to German traditions like our Lantern Walk, Nikolaus, Karneval, and May Fest make for wonderful experiences and memories.

Special Events



Other events throughout the school year include field trips, special group events, room parent visits, camping on our grounds, our family day, Safety Day, Graduation and the Year-End-Picnic.

Summer Camp


Every July and August we offer a summer camp to the Rasselbande children and, space permitting, their siblings. We choose a special theme to explore together. The rhythm of the day and hours are the same as during the school year, but children attend every day and you can register for your choice of weeks.