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Martina Preczewski


I grew up in Southern Germany where I studied and earned my degree in Early Childhood Education. Working with children in preschool, which is called ‘Kindergarten’ in Germany, is my passion, and when I began my journey into motherhood I knew I would resume my work in early childhood education outside the home. The big move across the Atlantic in 1992 brought me first to New York, then Michigan, and then to beautiful San Diego, California.


Throughout my adult life I’ve been involved in education, be it with my own children and their friends in our German-language home daycare, then teaching and working administratively in a private school for 14 years and also teaching German to adults and children in afterschool programs.

Fröbel, the founder of German Kindergartens said, “Education is example and love.” I have been inspired by many of my

own teachers and colleagues. Now, I share and find inspiration in my daily work with the teachers, children and families here. Rasselbande can be loosely translated as ‘young rascals,’ and we have for our curious rascals an environment rich with

play-based learning experiences, support for multilinguistic development and cultural experiences provided by a team of talented and dedicated teachers. I am happy to call Die Rasselbande my second home since 2012. If you don’t find me at the preschool I am probably out exploring the county, state or country.

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