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Die Rasselbande Preschool was founded in the fall of 2003

as a full German immersion preschool cooperative by Heike Paulsen and Johanna Petosa. The cooperative then became a fully licensed preschool in March 2008.  members. In the Summer of 2022  Rasselbande Preschool moved to their  smaller, but lovely new home in El Cajon.


We believe that children learn best through play in a safe and nurturing environment. We see children as unique individuals and respect and respond to their individual needs.Our teachers’ knowledge in the field of child development provides appropriate developmental experiences and opportunities for each child through careful planning and observations of their group of children. The curriculum is theme based, yet allows for adjustments due to children’s interest or occurrences in our daily work. The many facets of language are interwoven through all of the activities. Die Rasselbande Preschool strives to help each child feel secure and happy. Each child’s creative nature is developed, enhanced and challenged. Children are encouraged to develop the necessary physical, emotional and social skills to become independent thinkers in a group setting.

Die Rasselbande Preschool is a German immersion preschool, where primarily German is spoken during preschool hours. Using gestures, pointing games, dramatization, props and repetition supports children for whom German is a foreign language. To ensure the children’s safety and understanding, some English language may be used. All communication to the parent body and official records are in English. Our philosophy of the curriculum is a whole language, play based approach.

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